Asteroid Ace for Ouya

Obelisk Entertainment | Release Date: July-2013  
Content Rating:
Genres: Shooter, First Person
Playable On: Ouya
Publisher: Obelisk Entertainment
Developer: Obelisk Entertainment


Asteroid Ace is a classic, first person “shoot’em – up”, space-flight game.

As Commander of the AH-27 Space Hawk, you are tasked with traveling to distant solar systems and clear asteroid fields that may pose a threat to your fleets passing. The mission is vital for survival of the human race! Be warned. These systems may contain hostile life!

With tons of action and endless levels, you’re sure to have virtually infinite fun! As you gain personal skill and travel to different systems, it becomes increasingly difficult to negotiate your way through the coming levels. Download Asteroid Ace now and test your skills in this action packed hit!


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