Atabee for Ouya

absence | Release Date: August-2014  
Content Rating:
Genre: Retro
Playable On: Ouya
Publisher: absence
Developer: absence


(Now updated to Hatari 1.8 with STX support) Emulate an Atari ST/STE on your OUYA! This is a port of the impressive and highly accurate Hatari Atari ST emulator. Atabee runs out of the box and comes fully configured with Emutos 0.93 and an example disk (the Nostalgic-O demo). Just copy more disks into your /sdcard/hatari/ directory to relive the good old days on your TV-screen. Use OUYAs unique Touchpad as a mouse to navigate the emulator. This port is specifically optimized for viewing demos (albeit playing games will work too). Even tricks-of-the-trade as overscan, hardwarescrolling or SID-voices are emulated. Please note that the in-emulator configuration menus can only be navigated by Touchpad. See Readme menu for details.


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