Brain Challenge for DS

Ubisoft | Release Date: 08-Jan-2008  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genres: Puzzle, Card
Playable On: PS3 DS Wii
Publisher: Ubisoft


Brain Challenge for the Nintendo DS is an entertaining, comprehensive personal training program to improve coping skills when faced with real-life challenges and stress. Brain Challenge is a simple, entertaining solution for brain activity maintenance that goes far beyond logic tests to help increase your actual percentage of brain use.

This Nintendo DS game makes use of the system’s unique Touch Screen and portability, allowing you to train your brain whenever and wherever you want.

  • 43 Games in seven Training Categories

    Thanks to a complete range of 43 mini-games divided into seven categories, Brain Challenge brings you a never-equaled lifespan of daily training, engaging your brain in a variety of different capacities.

  • Stress Temperature

    Featuring multitasking and authority challenges, the nine games in this category help improve your brain’s coping skills when faced with real-life stress.

  • Three levels of difficulty

    Self-adjusting difficulty levels and personal follow-up from your own coach make Brain Challenge unique to each user. People of all skill levels will benefit from engaging their brain with Brain Challenge.

  • Brain percentage usage

    Your brain percentage usage is visually tracked via a scoring system that monitors the accuracy and speed of your responses every day in each of the seven categories.

  • Coaches to Guide You

    Two different coaches will help guide and track your potential and progress. Select Doctor Hurley or Professor Stevens to be your own personal coach: Brain Challenge is not just a brain game; it brings you a complete interactive experience.

  • Multiplayer Action

    Put your brain to the test by playing with up to three friends, to compete for extended challenges!

  • Easy and Accessible Experience

    Easy stylus controls, fun use of the microphone and colorful graphics make Brain Challenge a user-friendly interface. It is easy for people of all ages to pick up and play the game!


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