Build It Up for Ouya

Water Bread Internet | Release Date: October-2014  
Content Rating:
Genres: Simulation, Strategy, Puzzle, Trivia
Playable On: Ouya
Publisher: Water Bread Internet
Developer: Water Bread Internet


Build it up is a puzzle game, enabling you to build structures based on blueprints presented on screen from building blocks, by operating a crane.

Ever imagined how it would be to build something? Now is your chance, operate the crane from cabin and build various structures based on the blue prints.

What you can do:
+ Earn experience
+ Unlock new projects to build,
+ Improve previous ones with new blocks,
+ And earn budget to dispose unneeded blocks,

All to achieve perfection of creating structures exactly as in blue prints.

You would need to
+ Plan ahead when building a structure
+ Place blocks correctly, diversify
+ Resources are limited, dispose blocks wisely
+ Experiment with block sets

It is like tetris, only building real buildings and structures.

Fixes based on otakupunk video review:

Controlled tutorial progress
Improved visual selecting of blocks
Controller button names over onscreen buttons
Fixed incorrect text in tutorial


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