Deer Hunting King for 3DS

Arc System Works Co., Ltd. | Release Date: 04-Jul-2013  
 (Not Rated)
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Genres: Action, Avatar, Shooter
Playable On: 3DS
Publisher: Arc System Works Co., Ltd.


In Deer Hunting King, you can hunt for wild animals that throb with vitality and life amid the vast backdrop of the natural world. Use a crossbow, a rifle, or a shotgun as you hunt for deer, raptors, bears, and more.

Choose to sight with either the Circle Pad or by moving your Nintendo 3DS itself to use the built-in gyro sensor to sight your prey.

You can enjoy four rich modes, including:

  • Instant mode, where you simply aim for high points
  • Mission mode, in which you must meet certain specific conditions to pass
  • Versus mode, where you can play against friends using local wireless, and
  • Hunt in the real world using AR mode!

Why not enjoy a spot of hunting amid the beautiful nature of this stunningly 3-dimensional world?


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