DRAGON QUEST HEROES™ II Pre-order Bundle for PS4

Square Enix LTD | Release Date: 28-Apr-2017  
Content Rating:
Genres: Action, Role Playing
Playable On: PS4
Publisher: Square Enix LTD


DRAGON QUEST HEROES™ II Pre-order Bundle provides a huge arsenal of bonus items, PSN exclusive items and of course the main game!

PSN Exclusives:

- DRAGON QUEST I Hero Costume: These glorious glad rags are guaranteed to give the wearer the look of a legendary hero. Can be worn by either of the main characters (Exclusive to PSN for PS4™)
- DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS Add-On: Healix the Hero recipe that allows you to build statues of a certain slimy someone in Terra Incognita (Requires DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS game on PS4™ or PS Vita)


- Main Game
- Explorer’s Pack:
o Slime Knight's Shield
o Great Sabreclaws+B20
o Robo-Bow
o Slime Stack Stick
o Imp's Fork
o Plat o' One Tails
o Golem Gauntlets
o Drackerang
o Goodybag Abacus
o Shadowblade
o Gem Slime Sword
o Night Club
o Robo-Razor
o Royal Flush
o Archdemon Arcs