HUDSON SOFT CO. | Release Date: 09-Sep-2010  
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Playable On: PSP PS Vita
Publisher: HUDSON SOFT CO.


Choose a character and select a job out of 12 changeable occupations (T/L 72 jobs), that can be used effectively depending on the situation. The dungeon is mapped randomly, and consists of 7 + 1 elements which have 23 levels each. Play with the full use of weapon arts in accordance with the weapon (magic, special skill, etc). Job arts change depending on the player's occupation, weapons/armors, and skills which improve as the character develops. In the first half of the story, the story develops differently depending on the selected race. After the three races are introduced, the story becomes one. Grades and levels of the player are set. Every grade has some playable quests. Grade will develop by clearing the quest which appears when conditions are met. T/L number of Quests is approx. 150. Explore with NPCs (up to 3) as associates. Customizable NPCs available for player's associate will increase as the levels are developed. Memory Stick Duo™ 352KB

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