Fritz Chess for Wii

Deep Silver | Release Date: 30-Jun-2009  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genre: Board
Playable On: DS Wii
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Freedom Factory


Fritz Chess is the quintessential version of the classic boardgame and offers a fun and engrossing challenge to players of all levels. Ratchet up the fun with an assortment of original game modes such as Giveaway Chess, Chess Puzzle, Historical Matches, Set Up Position, and more. Plus, experience chess in a whole new way with Bobby Fischer's “Chess 960”, a mode where piece positions are shuffled at the beginning of the game to inspire creative and inventive play.

Experts will hunker down to the ultimate strategic battle and improve their ELO ranking while kids and families will use the robust help system to learn and develop skills in a thoroughly intuitive way. There's even an amusing Adventure Mode that features humorous characters and comic-based scenarios.

With a compelling mix of classic chess, unique modes of play, multiplayer and more, Fritz is the one chess game that you cannot afford to live without.

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