Hard Lander for Ouya

Soulareus Interactive | Release Date: November-2014  
Content Rating:
Genres: Arcade, Multiplayer, Fighting
Playable On: Ouya
Publisher: Soulareus Interactive
Developer: Soulareus Interactive


The worlds first competitive 4 player rocket acrobatics game! Hone your piloting skills in challenge mode, then test them on your friends!
version 0.88 11/08/2014
-New Level: "Laser Tag" where all ships have a laser weapon!!
-More FREE levels and now it randomizes between them for more demo fun!
-Laser Lab laser is now much easier to use
-Tons of updates to levels including sharper graphics
-Improved screen wrapping and smashed many bugs
version 0.86 10/08/2014
-New free multiplayer level for demo users: Asteroids!
-New Level Teeter Totter!
-Asteroids are all procedurally generated now!
-You can drop bombs on graveyard if you fly fast enough.

version 0.85 9/14/2014
- Removed slow mo from Sumo Level, allows new strategies such as shoving to win!
- Removed ship top mass by 30%. Now ships have a lower center of gravity Which helps to balance when hovering. Also Ships are now faster and land a little easier. Should be more new user friendly. Something for everybody!

version 0.84 8/27/2014
-Updated Multiplayer level Laser Lab: New controllable laser to better balance risk reward and make it more fun.
-Updated Multiplayer level Death Sphere: added large lasers to allow easier sphere rotation and laser melting. Moved activation pads to the ehem, pads. Increased size of death sphere slightly.

version 0.83 8/2/2014
-Added trophies to challenge mode.
-Improved random multiplayer option, added death sphere to random
-Fixed Laser lab laser Glitch

version 0.8
-Added new multiplayer level: Death Sphere.
-completely retooled controller system.
-tweaked final flight school level.

version 0.76
-reduced mass of asteroids to make them easier to hit your friends with.
-added screen shake on explosion.
-removed ship on ship collision on sumo level
-fixed teams multiplayer point icons.
-increased resolution of some textures.

version 0.7
-Changed FREE multiplayer level to TOWER!
-Many graphics improvements to both one player and multiplayer.
-Added point icons and win icons to multiplayer.
-Added opposing thrusters to space levels for more controlled turns.
-bug fixes

Added Lasers to Laser Lab, Random option, bug fixes.


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