Jam Sessions for DS

Ubisoft | Release Date: 11-Sep-2007  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genres: Music, Educational
Playable On: DS
Publisher: Ubisoft


Jam Sessions is a ground-breaking music experience that transforms the Nintendo DS system into a portable guitar. Players will literally strum the guitar via the Touch Screen and select chords with the Control Pad. Now even the most nonmusical person can become an instant rock star!

Authentic Sound and Playability: Use the Nintendo DS to make music just as you would with a real guitar, while experiencing authentic, remastered sound modeled after an actual acoustic guitar.

Unlimited Soundtrack: Free-play design allows users to learn and play any song ever played using an acoustic guitar. What you play is entirely up to you.

Performance Mode: Play and sing songs from some of today and yesterday’s most popular artists with accompanying chords and lyrics actually built into the title.

Not a Musician? No Problem. Advanced tutorial modes allow novice musicians to learn how to play guitar without paying for lessons! Additional modes will help users understand chord progressions and train them to recognize chords by ear.

A Musician’s Dream: Jam Sessions is basically a pocket guitar for artists to write, play and save original music anytime, anywhere!

Complete Controls: Controls can be adjusted for both left-handed and right-handed musicians. Up and down strokes can be swapped to suit your preference.

Customize Game Experience: A built-in effects processor lets players add reverb, chorus, low/high pass, tremolo and more to customize the sound; un-lockable backgrounds for performing well in Performance and Training modes.

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