Kamen Rider Dragon Knight for DS

D3Publisher | Release Date: 01-Dec-2009  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genre: Fighting
Playable On: DS Wii
Publisher: D3Publisher


Based on the new live action show, the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight game is an intense action packed hero game where players will have the opportunity to experience the exciting Kamen Rider adventure first hand. The players will be able to play as all 13 Kamen Riders, each with their own unique Advent Cards and unique abilities in multiple game modes allowing the players to fight head to head or fight tons of enemies as you explore Ventara and stop the menacing plot of General Xaviax.


• Play as all 13 Kamen Riders from the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight TV series, each with their own unique Contract Beasts, Advent Cards, and special abilities
• More than 100 exciting missions on Ventara will test the skill of your Kamen Riders
• Battle head to head with your favorite Kamen Riders in a unique battle system utilizing Contract Beasts and Advent Cards
• Earn extra Advent Cards, unlock additional abilities, and level up your characters to use in multiple game modes
• Simple but versatile controls allow players of all skill levels to pull off their favorite Kamen Rider moves from the show


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