Mario Party Star Rush - Party Guest Edition for 3DS

Nintendo | Release Date: 04-Nov-2016  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genre: Party
Playable On: 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo


Mario™ and friends invite you to be their party guest! Think fast and have a blast in this free version of the Mario Party Star Rush game. Connect with a player that has the full version to enjoy all multiplayer modes with up to 4 players*. No matter how you party, it's instant fun for everyone!

Break free of turn order and choose your path across bite-sized, open maps in Toad Scramble. You and up to 3* friends roll the dice, roam the board, and recruit fan-favorite allies, like Yoshi™, Daisy™, and Waluigi™! The bigger your party, the faster you can earn stars and coins in frantic minigames. Pit your skills against friends by racing through minigames in Coinathlon or navigating a board in Balloon Bash. As you play multiplayer, single-player bonuses unlock, including Goomba Gold Rush, which has you blasting enemies with cannons, and a museum you can add characters to by tapping compatible amiibo™ figures. Partying is tough business!

  • Join friends and family in a game packed with fast, fun modes and minigames
  • Play as Mario™ characters like Luigi™, Peach™, Daisy™, Donkey Kong™, and Yoshi™ in various modes
  • Join up to3* friends and enjoy multiplayer over Local Wireless **
  • Unlock single-player Extras as you play in multiplayer (additional content like minigames)
  • Party points earned will transfer to the full version of the game, when purchased, along with amiibo data for the character museum


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