TURN: The Lost Artifact for DS

Creative Patterns | Release Date: 09-Aug-2010  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genre: Puzzle
Playable On: DS
Publisher: Creative Patterns


Whose TURN is it? It's yours on DSiWare TURN: The Lost Artifact is a great puzzle game with an appealing gameplay.

TURN: The Lost Artifact is an adventure puzzler with an intuitive and fun gameplay.

Kurt and Camila are two explorers on a journey of mystery to seek a lost artifact. You guide them through rooms filled with various elements of danger, from enemies to rolling boulders. Your main power is to rotate the rooms 90° to the left or to the right. Mastering the law of gravity is therefore essential for your success. Everything and everyone in the room is subjected to gravity and falls when you turn the room. Watch your head! Since there are three worlds with nine levels of about 10 rooms each, that's a whole lot of fun and brain twisting that awaits you on your Nintendo DSi system. And don't forget that turnabout is fair play!


• Entertaining adventure puzzler
• Appraised and addictive gameplay
• Responsive and intuitive touch and button controls
• Great visuals with pretty and various animations
• Appealing SFX and music to enhance your gaming experience


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