Ace Armstrong Vs. The Alien Scumbags! for PSP

Laughing Jackal Ltd. | Release Date: 06-Oct-2010  
Content Rating:
Genres: Action, Shooter
Playable On: PS3 PSP PS Vita
Publisher: Laughing Jackal Ltd.


Now updated to include continues for all difficulty levels, Recycl-o-Ray mapped to L/R buttons (L1 and R1 buttons on the PlayStation®3 system), autofire modes and smaller collision box, making for an even 'Acer' shmup than before!

Help legendary star fighter pilot Ace Armstrong defeat the Scumbag invasion of earth in this modern take on classic old-school shoot-em-ups, with an added 50s Sci-Fi twist and plenty of Scumbag-bursting humour.

Fly Ace through several action-packed levels, each featuring a huge boss with unique attack patterns to defeat!

Use Ace’s mighty Recycl-o-Ray to suck up the essence of defeated Scumbags and use their own weapons against them. Can you turn back the Scumbags' tentacled tide of terror?!

Ace Armstrong Vs. The Alien Scumbags! © 2010 Laughing Jackal Ltd. Laughing Jackal is a trademark of Laughing Jackal Ltd. Developed by Laughing Jackal.

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