Brain Assist for DS

SEGA of America | Release Date: 26-Feb-2008  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genre: Puzzle
Playable On: DS
Publisher: SEGA of America
Developer: JAM


Re-energize your brain with 10 colorful mind-teasing mini-games that stimulate your concentration, memory, analysis, instincts and reflexes. Six nurses with widely varying personalities will guide you through the games and keep track of your best results. A unique new test even allows you and a friend to examine the compatibility of your right brains. Get more friends in on the action with the Wi-Fi Connection and race through a variety of fast-paced four-player mini-games to see who the true brainiac is!

Ten mini-games stimulate and refresh your Right Brain.

Ten mini-games improve your reflexes, memory and concentration.

Get four friends in on the action in fun, fast-paced wireless battles.

Enter fast-paced challenges with up to four friends wirelessly.

Challenge up to four friends to fun, fast-paced wireless battles.

Compare your brain with a friend’s in the unique Compatibility Check.

Take compatibility tests to see if you and a friend have similar Right Brains!


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