Defenders of the Mystic Garden for PSP

TWISTED DRAGON MEDIA | Release Date: 18-Apr-2012  
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Playable On: PS3 PS Vita PSP


Defenders of the Mystic Garden is a play on the popular Tower Defense genre of games. Players will find that various animals and insects are wreaking havoc on our backyard garden gnomes and stealing their strawberries. It’s up to you to place and command your defenses. Instead of static towers you place one of four unit types. These units can also be moved or set to patrol between two points.

12 challenging levels of play spread out over 4 unit themed environments.

4 Playable Tower Units, each with differing strategies, each with unique voice-overs and SFX during in-game events. They are the Warrior, Ranger, Fire Mage and Ice Mage.

16 challenges for added re-playability with progress tracking (examples: defeating a certain number of enemies with patrolling units, clearing a level with no strawberries being taken, and different ways to clear a level).

16 enemies to defeat, collect, and study.

Can you keep all the strawberries?

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