Doki-Doki Universe™ for PS3

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe | Release Date: 11-Dec-2013  
Content Rating:
Playable On: PS3
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Developer: SCEA


Discover your humanity... fast
In Doki-Doki Universe™, you're a robot called QT3 who’s faced with a big challenge – Can you prove your humanity so you don’t end up on the factory scrapheap? Follow Alien Jeff to strange planets, meet quirky characters and take hilarious quizzes to find your humanity before it’s too late.

Explore the Doki-Doki Universe
• Fly through space to search for your humanity on all sorts of planets.
• Talk to snowmen, hula dancers and over 100 more characters.
• Take quizzes to prove you have a personality and find out all about yourself.
• Fix up your home planet with decorations and invite other players to visit.
• Create animated Doki-Doki messages to send to your friends on Facebook.

Things You Need to Know:
• Trial and Unlock version includes personality quiz asteroids and mail feature – if you enjoy the trial, move on to the full Doki-Doki experience.
• Gameplay requires PlayStation®Vita memory card (sold separately).
• Sending Doki-Doki messages on Facebook requires a Facebook account (and is subject to Facebook terms and conditions).
• On-screen text support: English, French and German.

• Buy the full game once for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 or PlayStation®Vita to get it for all three systems.
• After purchasing, simply head to the PlayStation®Store “Download List” and you’ll find this product ready to be downloaded.

1 Player, Network Features, 1.2 GB Minimum Space Required, Touchscreen/Rear Touch Pad, Dual Analog Sticks, Motion Sensor, Cross-Save (PS3™ and PS4™)