Fear Effect™ for PSP

Square Enix LTD | Release Date: 14-Dec-2011  
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Playable On: PS3 PS Vita PSP
Publisher: Square Enix LTD


Compatible with PlayStation®3, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV.

A familiar place in another time. Three self-motivated and ruthless mercenaries conspire to track down a young runaway and ransom her off to her father, Mr. Lam – the most powerful triad leader in Hong Kong.
What begins as a simple extortion mission, unfolds into a lesson in survival at the highest level, drawing you into a mystical web of adventure from Hong Kong to Hell.
Fluid gameplay allows an epic storyline to unravel into an original cinematic adventure and MOTiON FX™ Technology is featured for the first time ever, creating the most dynamic and alive worlds ever seen on the PlayStation.
Fear Effect™ is a blend of characters, puzzles, plots and twists, resulting in a truly addictive cinematic experience.

This product is an emulated version of a PlayStation® (PS one®) classic. Some functionality may vary from the original (PS one®) version of this product or may not be available.