I Am Setsuna for PS4

Square Enix LTD | Release Date: 19-Jul-2016  
Content Rating:
Genre: Role Playing
Playable On: PS4
Publisher: Square Enix LTD
Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory


Journey with Setsuna as she prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice and save the people of her land. A powerfully nostalgic experience, blending a classic style of story-telling, battle system and gameplay.

• An emotionally impactful story which immerses players in the narrative of Setsuna, whose story portrays heartrending sorrow
• A new battle system inspired by the timeless JRPG classic, Chrono Trigger
• A great homage to JRPG masterpieces of yesteryear, beautiful character designs and varied in-game locales evoke nostalgia for classic RPGs

Additional hardware required for Remote Play.

1 player
Remote Play
1080p HD Video Output


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