Lemmings™ Touch for PS Vita

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe | Release Date: 28-May-2014  
Playable On: PS Vita
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Developer: d3t Ltd


Get to grips with all new ways to play, using the touchscreen control system as you guide a bunch of the carefree, unsuspecting rodents through superbly detailed levels filled with devious pitfalls and hazards.

They’re not that smart, but the Lemmings are certainly not lazy: give them jobs – like digging, bashing, building, blocking or climbing – and they’ll happily work away to clear a trail to each level’s exit. Just make sure you’re one step ahead – without your help and supervision they’ll most likely meet a sticky end, oh no!

So are you ready to lead your Lemmings to safety?

• Guide the Lemmings through 100 fiendishly puzzling levels set in the Crystal Caverns, Hell, Ancient Egypt, Space and Candy Land.
• Use your PS Vita system’s touchscreen and an intuitive new touch and swipe interface to pick and choose Lemmings with ease.
• Interact with level objects like cannons, trampolines, switches and platforms.
• New level objective system to help unlock crazy costumes to customize your Lemmings clan like never before.
• Watch out for a new type of Lemming, not all Lemmings play nice!

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