Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite for PS3

Marvelous Europe Limited | Release Date: 07-Apr-2016  
Content Rating:
Genre: Fighting
Playable On: PS3
Publisher: Marvelous Europe Limited


Compatible with PlayStation®3.

A future classic from acclaimed fighting game developer EXAMU, this 2D fighter has already been a smash hit in Japanese arcades. With an extensive range of characters drawn from the Nitro+ visual novels, Nitroplus Blasterz features 25 campaigns and a unique Partner Blitz mode summoning two (out of a total choice of 20!) allies for up to six characters fighting on screen at once in a hectic no holds barred brawl!

The story follows the Nitro+ characters as they are brought together by an evil Grimoire intent on controlling and possessing all.

Tap into your power and unleash incredible ‘Lethal Blaze’ attacks featuring heavily stylised anime cutscene cut-ins for every character’s ultimate attack!

Fight your enemy regardless of console! Cross-platform between PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 ensures that you can fight a wide array of opponents! Nitroplus Blasterz also features both offline and online versus mode so you can play how you want!

This product supports the following languages: English

1-2 players
8MB minimum save size
HDTV screen resolution: 720p
Network Features
Network Players 2-2


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