Orgarhythm for PS Vita

XSEED GAMES | Release Date: 20-Feb-2013  
Content Rating:
Genre: Music
Playable On: PS Vita
Publisher: XSEED GAMES
Developer: Acquire


Music and strategy unite in perfect harmony in this unique rhythm game. Set in a world of light and dark, two gods embodying the creative and destructive forces of the universe meet in furious orchestral battle. Utilize the touchscreen to direct your warriors and tap-tap-tap your way to victory by keeping the beat.

-Music x Strategy-

Experience real-time strategy with the speed and excitement of a rhythm game.

-Deep Gaming Experience with Lots of Replay Value-

Unlock new skills, unleash new attacks, add layers of music as you successfully level up your tribal followers, and experience stages anew as the AI adjusts to your strategy.

-Multiplayer via Ad Hoc Mode (Co-Op and Versus)-

Work with a friend to direct the flow of battle against the God of Darkness or engage in versus mode and go head-to-head against each other.

-Online Ranking-

Perfect your high score in single player while the online ranking system tracks and stacks you up against worldwide players.

1 player(s)
Ad Hoc Mode 2 Players
1024KB Minimum
Rear Touch Pad

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