Square Enix LTD | Release Date: 18-Jan-2012  
Content Rating:
Playable On: PS3 PS Vita PSP
Publisher: Square Enix LTD


Compatible with PlayStation®3, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV.

All new psychedelic insanity!!
Nikki is a tough and sexy spell slinging sorceress.
Fargus is a pyromanical goof ball. His partner, Sid, is a viper tongued puppet-on-a-stick turned boomerang.
Together they wreak PANDEMONIUM!
*Explore huge bizarre levels of hallucinogenic alien landscapes.
*Hijack a giant mechanical robot for a 3D flying joyride.
*New moves! Edge and rope climbing. Swinging on monkey bars!
*Fresh power-ups; deadly fireballs, devastating lightning , and the dreaded Sid-erang attack.

This product is an emulated version of a PlayStation® (PS one®) classic. Some functionality may vary from the original (PS one®) version of this product or may not be available.