Pixel Paint for 3DS

Rainy Frog | Release Date: 25-Aug-2016  
 (Not Rated)
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Genre: Educational
Playable On: 3DS WiiU
Publisher: Rainy Frog
Developer: Sanuk Games


The popular Wii U™ pixel art paint package comes to Nintendo 3DS™ with new features!

Create your very own pixel art with ease and post it to Miiverse™ or

save it to the SD Card for use on social networks etc!

Pixel art is a picture created pixel by pixel such as retro games and many recent indie games. Base your creation off an old game, or create something entirely new!

Classic Features

  • Smooth, easy controls, drawing dot-by-dot using the Stylus
  • 8 color palettes including some of the greatest retro systems
  • 5 canvas sizes for pixel art of all sizes
  • Change brush size and shape
  • Cut/copy/paste/erase
  • Color picker, fill color, and replace color

New features for Nintendo 3DS

  • Shape tool to easily create circles, triangles and squares
  • Export your drawings to the SD Card for use on computer or anywhere!
  • When your pixel art is complete, share it with the world by posting to Miiverse!


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