Playstation®Vita Pets for PS Vita

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe | Release Date: 04-Jun-2014  
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Playable On: PS Vita
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe


Heroic pets and long-lost legends

• Pick a pup with real personality – will you choose a tough-talking husky, brave collie, fun-loving Labrador or giggly Dalmatian?
• Discover the enchanting stories and forgotten legends of Castlewood Island.
• Teach your dog tricks and take photos together in the real world.
• Shout your dog’s name to see it come running – it knows your voice and face just like a real pet.
• Give your pet treats, toys, cool costumes and daily showers to keep it happy and healthy.

DISCLOSURE REGARDING USE OF LOCATION: This game interacts with other applications that use location data (such as “near”). To turn off location data, go to [Settings] > [Location Data].

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