Rec Room for Wii

Destineer | Release Date: 01-Dec-2009  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genre: Party
Playable On: Wii
Publisher: Destineer
Developer: Arcade Moon


Your Wii becomes the ultimate entertainment hub in Destineer’s Rec Room. Enjoy twenty games that will provide hours of entertainment for moms, dads and kids of all ages. Play classic games such as Table Soccer, Air Hockey, Alley Ball, Whack- a-Mole, Table Tennis, Darts, Beanbag Toss, Tic-Tac-Toe and more, all with intuitive Wii Remote controls!


• Featuring 20 family-friendly games including Table Soccer, Ladder Golf, Air Hockey, Whack-a-Mole, Table Tennis, Ring Toss, Chinese Checkers, Alley Ball, Darts and more!
• Rec Room features simple pick up and play game controls designed for all ages and skill levels.
• Rec Room Championship: Challenge your friends and family to multiplayer competitions in your home – take turns or simultaneously challenge up to 4 players in split-screen mode.
• Compatible with Wii MotionPlus


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