Red Pack [PSP] for PSP

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe | Release Date: 22-Dec-2010  
Content Rating:
Playable On: PS Vita PSP
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe


Compatible with PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV.

Ever noticed how the simplest games are often the most fun?

Everybody’s Stress Buster is here to prove it with a collection of three highly addictive games designed to let you switch off from the stresses of everyday life and simply have fun. Inside the Red Pack, you’ll find a selection of wacky games that are easy to pick up and play but a whole lot trickier to master.

“Face ala Crème” is a fast paced and totally hilarious game designed to put your reaction times to the test. Armed with a stack of custard pies you’ll need to be quick on the draw as characters appear around the screen just begging for a pie to the face. Hit them quickly enough and you could score big with a bonus points frenzy.

“Bookshelf Dash” puts you in charge of a library in disarray. You’ll need keen powers of observation and quick reactions to get the shelves in order in the fastest time possible and give your brain a real workout.

“Battle SNAFU” is the biggest little battle in history! Take control of a pint-sized soldier as he parachutes into a table top war zone and fights to take control of the battlefield. Armed with an array of weapons – including a machine gun, grenades and a bazooka – you’ll need to put all of your tactics into play to defeat your miniature enemies.

If these games sound like just what you need to bust some stress, then be sure to check out the other Everybody’s Stress Buster game packs available on PlayStation®Store.

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Note: In-game text will be displayed in English only.

1 Player; Memory Stick Duo™ Compatible: 88MB minimum space required