Sacred 3 Gold for PS3

Deep Silver | Release Date: 09-Jul-2015  
Content Rating:
Genres: Action, Adventure, Role Playing
Playable On: PS3
Publisher: Deep Silver


'Sacred 3 is an arcade Hack ‘n’ Slash game for up to four players, set in the war for Ancaria. Choose from legendary heroes and fight together against the rise of evil. You will face hordes of grimmocs, brute beasts, legions of mercenaries and undead wizards. Develop your character’s skills and abilities and band together to use powerful co-op abilities and tactics. Victory is Ours. Glory is Mine.

Play as 1 of 5 powerful heroes, each with unique skills and weapons.
Jump straight into the action with the classic arcade Hack ‘n’ Slash style.
A true re-imagining of Ancaria with visually stunning levels, characters and special effects!
Master combat arts that quickly decimate enemy hoards and outshine your fellow warriors.
Perform powerful co-op combat arts to defeat epic bosses together.
Level up and equip your hero with skills and weapons unique to your play style with an extensive character progression system.
This edition includes all available DLC!'

1-2 Players
Network Players 2-4

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