Skyforge: Gold Founder Pack for XBox One
| Release Date: 10-Nov-2017
 (Not Rated)
Playable On: XBox One


Enter the exciting world of Skyforge before anyone else with this Gold Founder Pack. Treat yourself to two class unlocks, an exclusive mount and even more Premium time and argents. Become an Immortal and repel the Invaders! This pack contains: - Early Access to Skyforge - Berserker Class Unlock - Gunner Class Unlock - Exclusive Glider mount - 40,000 argents - 60 days of Premium Subscription Argents: A game currency used to obtain cosmetic items and strengthen your character. Premium Subscription: Increases your rewards for finishing missions and provides other bonuses Class Unlock: Instantly enables this class for you to switch to. *This content can only be unlocked once. If you already have this content unlocked on your account, you will be automatically reimbursed inside the game. Early Access starts on 10.11.2017. If you preorder this Founder Pack before the start of Early Access, you will additionally receive the Exclusive Preorder Bonus Pack.