Trailblazer for PSP

IDEAS PAD LTD | Release Date: 18-Jan-2012  
Content Rating:
Genres: Puzzle, Racing
Playable On: PS3 PS Vita PSP
Publisher: IDEAS PAD LTD


Thundering into the unknown at breakneck speed, are you agile enough to negotiate the perils of Trailblazer?
Roll left and right to avoid the cracks and be careful not to fall off the edge of the path as you go.
Be sure to identify and avoid the special tiles which will speed you up and slow you down, block your path or make you jump automatically.
Determination, speed and dexterity are the key assets needed to complete Trailblazer successfully.

Developed by Ideas Pad
Trailblazer © Shaun Southern 2011.
Produced under licence from Shaun Southern 2011.
Ideas Pad and the Ideas Pad logo are trademarks of Ideas Pad Ltd.

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