Yomawari: Night Alone / htoLNiQ: The Firefly Diary for PS Vita

NIS America | Release Date: 28-Oct-2016  
Content Rating:
Genre: Horror
Playable On: PS Vita
Publisher: NIS America


A young girl walks her dog at dusk when an accident occurs. After coming home, the girl's sister runs into the night to find the dog. Neither returns. Now you must help the girl brave the town in the dead of night to find her missing loved ones.

At the bottom of an old ruin, a girl named Mion awakens with no memory of how she arrived at this dreadful place. Guided by two fireflies, Mion must solve puzzles, outwit monsters, and avoid traps to escape the darkness!

1 player(s)
832KB Minimum
Rear Touch Pad


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