Z-Run for PS Vita

BEATSHAPERS LTD. | Release Date: 18-Jun-2014  
Content Rating:
Genres: Action, Arcade, Shooter
Playable On: PS Vita
Developer: Beatshapers


Fight, dodge, slide and jump your way through a post-apocalyptic city packed with viscous flesh-eating zombies as you attempt to escape with at least a few of your limbs still attached.
• Defend yourself with items you find in the city, and with guns, blades and bats
• Melee attacks keep you running for longer as you knock zombies off their feet with a slide attack.
• Be careful not to go too crazy! Every move you make tires you out, and becoming exhausted is a sure way to get eaten.
• Multiple routes to take as you sprint through the city in the campaign mode, and exploration is an essential part of survival during the undead Armageddon.
• Also try an endless survival mode - how far you can get?

Some functions and features may not be available on PlayStation TV.

1 player(s)
Network Features
1024KB Minimum
Dual Analog Sticks

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