Barnanza for PS3

STRAIGHT RIGHT PTY LTD | Release Date: 16-Nov-2016  
Content Rating:
Genres: Strategy, Casual, Family
Playable On: PS3


Compatible with PlayStation®3.

Design, create and customize your farm, fill it with adorable animals, crazy machines and discover the delights of Barnanza.

Personalize your game by naming each of your animals and giving them a distinctive look. Be sure to visit the petting patch for rewarding close-up cuddles.

You will be busy in all 4 seasons as you grow your farm carrying eggs, shearing sheep, milking cows, shaking fruit from trees and packing it, building fences and roads, planting crops all while planning for your new arrivals. Keep foxes away with your trusty dog & even protect your cows from alien abductions with your air force!

Three difficulty levels allow everyone in the family to enjoy the farming lifestyle and no two farms are ever the same. Whether you go for the laid-back, organic style of farming, or the high-paced, high-tech wizardry of a fully automated farm, you’ll always find the right style for you.

1 player
8MB minimum save size
SIXAXIS Motion Sensitive
HDTV screen resolution: 720p

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