D-CUBE Planet for PSP

GAMESHASTRA SOLUTIONS IND | Release Date: 09-Sep-2010  
Content Rating:
Genre: Puzzle
Playable On: PS3 PS Vita PSP


The goal of the game is to move the alien to its destination. The alien is trapped in an array of cubes. The player can move the alien and the cubes. The alien can be moved in all four directions based on empty spaces available around him. Cubes can be moved only in the directions indicated by the arrow marks on the cubes. So the player has to move the alien and the cubes wisely to make path for the alien to collect the spare parts and other interesting elements in the world.


• Three difficulty mode (Easy, Medium & Hard)
• 40 levels in each mode
• Totally 120 levels

Key Control

• Moving the Cubes and alien:

o D-pad is used to move the cursor in the play area. The will warp around if it is pushed out of border.
o X-Button is used to select and deselect the cubes and alien.

• Moving Multiple Cubes:

o If multiple cubes have common directional arrow and empty space in the same direction, then it can be moved in one shot. It’s counted as one move by counter. Player can use this option to get better score.
o Once the Cube is selected the possible moving direction will be graphically indicated.

Uses Memory Stick DUO™ with at least 480KB of free space required to save data

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