Denki Blocks! for PSP

TIGER GAMES LIMITED | Release Date: 26-Jan-2011  
Content Rating:
Genre: Puzzle
Playable On: PS3 PS Vita PSP


The multiple award-winning puzzler is back in a new sticky form! Denki Blocks! is a puzzle game like no other. Slide sticky blocks around a board and join the same colours together to solve puzzles. BUT! There are two important twists that make this game so special:

1. All blocks not fixed or obstructed will slide.

2. Blocks of the same colour stick together when they touch.


* Over 100 beautiful puzzles to enjoy, each hand-crafted for maximum pleasure.
* Beat clever Master Challenges such as making shapes and besting move or time pars.
* Complete over 100 Master Challenges to earn Denki Stars and open up secret puzzles.
* Solve the puzzles to reveal the secrets of the island.

Denki Blocks! was developed for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system for Denki Ltd. by Tiger Games Ltd.
Denki Blocks! is a registered trademark of Denki Ltd.
Copyright 2000-2011 Denki Ltd. All rights reserved.
The Denki Logo is a registered trademark of Denki Ltd.

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