MadStone for Wii

Riverman Media | Release Date: 06-Oct-2008  
 (Not Rated)
Content Rating:
Genre: Puzzle
Playable On: Wii
Publisher: Riverman Media


Time is short… The earth trembles as the forces of nature stir and grow restless. Can you turn the tide? In this dynamic puzzle game, you must clear the path for your elemental MadStones to reach the bottom of the screen. Blocks can be broken by striking them directly or by the force of falling objects. The novice tries frantically to break enough blocks, while the master sets up cascading collapses with only a handful of direct strikes. As two sides struggle for domination, titanic forces build—only to be unleashed in an earth-shaking final confrontation! Experience the mystical single-player journey, or challenge a friend in competitive two-player mode.


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